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Active Incidents

License Manager Update 2018 > 2019

2019 Jun 25 11:01 AM

AGRC will be upgrading the Esri License Manager from version 2018.0 to 2019.0. The change request has been approved for Tuesday, July 9th at 5pm. We expect the upgrade to take about 10 minutes. There will be a short interruption during that time.

Under maintenance

Affected Systems: license manager

Past Incidents

networking outage

2019 Jun 13 2:04 PM

DTS Capitol hosting is aware of a network load balancer issue causing widespread network timeout events. They are aware of the issue and working on it. State employees can track the issue using PRB0043340. We will update this incident as we are provided information.

Partial outage

Affected Systems: SDE, web api, mapserv

Network Load Balancer Failure

2019 Apr 18 6:45 PM

All AGRC web servers and GIS servers that are hosted in the Capitol Datacenter are currently inaccessible. All AGRC websites and the web api are not responding. A critical ticket has been submitted and we hope Capitol Hosting can resolve the issues quickly.


All of the services are returning to green. We are working with Capitol Hosting to determine the cause. We will continue to monitor for issues.

2019 Apr 18 7:35 PM


The primary network load balancer that handles all of the mapserv traffic failed. The fail over load balancer did not take control. Capitol Hosting is investigatting both failures.

2019 Apr 18 7:42 PM

Major outage

Affected Systems: web api, mapserv

SGID not responding

2019 Apr 12 11:43 AM

The SGID is not accepting connections in a timely manner. This is affecting desktop GIS users trying to access SGID data as well as the searching and milepost queries on api.mapserv.utah.gov. Some web applications that have direct connections to the SGID will not function properly until this issue is resolved. Tickets and emails have been sent to the database group and we are awaiting their support.

Update: SGID is accepting connections again and everything is back online.

2019 Apr 12 1:41 PM

Major outage

Affected Systems: SDE, web api, mapserv

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