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Past Incidents

Geocoding outage

2019 Mar 17 8:45 AM

Windows updates were installed and the system was rebooted at 8:45AM. ArcGIS Server did not recover.


Geocoding has been restored at 10:00AM but searching continued to be down.

2019 Mar 17 11:41 AM


Capitol hosting restored the machine from a backup and all systems are back online.

2019 Mar 17 3:18 PM

All geocoding and searching that was done during this time frame should be reprocessed.

Major outage

Affected Systems: web api

SSL update

2019 Feb 26 6:26 PM

The web server that hosts AGRC mapping websites will have its’ SSL/TLS settings updated to be more secure. We will be dropping SSL 2 and 3 support as well as older ciphers.

The update is scheduled for Thursday, February 28th at 6:30AM MST. If there are any issues,

  1. The changes will be rolled back
  2. We will address the issues
  3. The update will be rescheduled for a later date

The only interruption you should experience is a short outage of serving html, javascript, and css from our web server. Websites like gis.utah.gov, api.mapserv.utah.gov, discover, and the map services on mapserv.utah.gov will not be affected during the update.

Under maintenance

Affected Systems: mapserv

Route/milepost service not returning results

2019 Feb 22 12:09 PM

The LRS data in SGID was inadvertently deleted. This is causing the route/milepost service to not be able to find any matches.

Update: The data has been replaced and the service is responding normally again.

2019 Feb 22 2:06 PM

Partial outage

Affected Systems: web api

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