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Last incident: 12 Sep 2019 10:06 UTC

Past Incidents

openam configuration

2019 Sep 12 10:06 AM

Updates to the OpenAM agent done by Capitol Hosting have caused issues with the mapserv.utah.gov default website. Sites living off of mapserv.utah.gov, eg: mapserv.utah.gov/app, are affected by these changes. We are actively working with Capitol Hosting to resolve the issue. We will post an update at 11:00AM.

Update The OpenAM upgrade was rolled back and testing will continue at 9:00PM tonight.

2019 Sep 12 11:10 AM

Update 2 The upgrade was successful last night with a different configuration and everything is operating normally this morning.

2019 Sep 13 8:55 AM

Partial outage

Affected Systems: mapserv

Discover Base Maps Interruption

2019 Sep 04 2:52 PM

The discover base maps are responding slow or returning errors for WMS and WMTS requests. Tiles previously cached seem to load, but nothing new is loading when panning/zooming or switching layers. We have contacted our support team to further investigate and are awaiting a resolution.


Services have been restored by the vendor.

2019 Sep 05 8:00 AM

Major outage

Affected Systems: discover

License Manager Update 2018 > 2019

2019 Jun 25 11:01 AM

AGRC will be upgrading the Esri License Manager from version 2018.0 to 2019.0. The change request has been approved for Tuesday, July 9th at 5pm. We expect the upgrade to take about 10 minutes. There will be a short interruption during that time.

Under maintenance

Affected Systems: license manager

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