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Past Incidents

Api.Mapserv.Utah.Gov is returning status 503 for all requests

2018 Feb 08 8:07 AM

The application pool is crashing and automatically stopping. This causes the api website to return 503 errors.

Update Updating some IIS configurations have fixed the issue.

2018 Feb 08 9:04 AM

Major outage

Affected Systems: web api

Geocoding Locators locked from starting

2018 Feb 01 4:02 AM

Forklift updated the geocoding api locators and they did not restart properly. All geocoding is returning not found.

Update: Restarting the server service removed the lock on the locators and they started up normally.

2018 Feb 01 9:28 AM

Partial outage

Affected Systems: web api

mapserv.utah.gov not serving static files

2017 Oct 02 7:10 PM

Cause: The mapserv web server is not serving sgtatic content items (html, css, images). This affects a variety of other domains. This is caused by security software (OpenAM). A ticket has been created. We are waiting on resolution.

Resolution: The OpenAM client was patched.

2017 Oct 02 7:49 PM

Partial outage

Affected Systems: mapserv

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